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A.J. Sutherland

A.J. Sutherland should have been born a man.

The ultimate British tomboy, always choosing football and beer over handbags and heels, she kicked and volleyed her way through the world of music journalism and sports publishing until she put it all on ice to become a parent.

Having seen the parenting world from both sides of the gender fence, A.J. eventually put all her experience to paper in How To Be The Perfect Dad And Not F**k Things Up, our third and latest title in The Last Word series.

In this book, she provides practical, honest and humorous advice for all men who are about to hurl themselves headlong into babyland.

One of the original contributors to Germinal Press, today A.J. cuts a living as a birthing and parenting columnist, while living in Sydney with an extremely tolerant husband, an exuberant three-year-old boy and a freshly-hatched baby girl.

Books by this author

Germinal Press - How To Be The Perfect Dad

How To Be The Perfect Dad

How To Be The Perfect Dad And Not F**k Things Up is the ultimate handbook to pregnancy, birth and your child's early years. Just for guys...

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