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D.B. Tarpley

D.B.Tarpley is not quite right.

If he wants to do something, instead of sitting around and whining about it, he gets up off his ass and he does it. D.B.Tarpley has stolen an army recruiter’s car. D.B.Tarpley led police on a high-speed car chase through four counties and two roadblocks – crashing into the third doing 135mph. D.B.Tarpley has robbed a bank. D.B.Tarpley has recorded an album. D.B.Tarpley has acted in six plays. D.B.Tarpley has made three movies and two documentaries. D.B. Tarpley has written three screenplays and over a hundred short stories. Still, D.B.Tarpley is not quite right.

Our first foray into dark fiction, Lick the Razor collects 15 of D.B.Tarpley’s most gut-wrenching tales: splatterpunk to the core.

D.B.Tarpley currently lives in an undisclosed parcel of godforsaken America with his equally godforsaken dog Che’vato and his godforsaken love slave Barnabus.

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Germinal Press - Lick the Razor

Lick the Razor

Our first foray into the world of dark fiction, or "splatterpunk", is a collection of 15 short stories by US writer DB Tarpley.

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