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Rudolf Boelee

Born at the outbreak of World War II in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Rudolf joined the Dutch Merchant Navy in 1959 with trips to various countries in South America. He rejoined the navy from 1961-1963, making more trips around the world. In 1963, Rudolf arrived in New Zealand as an assisted immigrant.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Rudolf worked in a variety of roles in the hotel, paper and dairy industries. He began exhibiting his work from 1972, and has since had solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand, Thailand, Portugal and England.

The author of several e-publications since 2010 (the first was Blijdorp, the last EASTSIDE - 24 Artist Portraits, Christchurch 2012, about the effects of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011), Whaddarya? is his first work in collaboration with Germinal Press.

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Germinal Press - Whaddarya?


The title, taken from New Zealand playwright Greg McGee’s 1981 work Foreskin’s Lament, mixes striking portraits of players with poetry, biography, anecdotes and history.

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Germinal Press - Rugby World Book

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